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Terms and Conditions
  • Cost of fuel to be borne by renter. The car will be supplied with a full tank and is to be returned with a full tank.
  • Customer must return the car to its original rental location or Pickup or Drop facility is also available at INR 500 if within the same city  and if in intercity charges will be Rs. 3000/- 
  • Customer must be minimum 18 years of age and should possess a valid driving license. 
  • Foreigners should possess a valid international driving license. 
  • Customer must also carry a valid identification document like passport and Resident Proof / Aadhaar card / Election card in original. 
  • A refundable deposit is applicable for all cars, which will be forfeited adjusted in case of accident / damage / Tire burst / scratch to the Car or theft of accessories.
  • The client will be fully responsible for daily upkeep, police Challans, interstate taxes, tolls, parking, minor maintenance, offenses or misuse of any kind of the car. Pannu Car rentals should be harm free from any claim and if any claim arises that should be borne by the user.
  • Calculation of Rent is on per 24 hour basis. 
  • We will satisfy you prior the journey begins with the car condition and documents like original Registration Certificate, PUC, Insurance Document, and Self Drive License document.
  • All the payment and security deposit should be in advance. 
  • If you return a vehicle late and it causes an inconvenience to another member, you will be charged a penalty to compensate them.